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Head Basketball APK + MOD v4.2.1 (Unlimited money)

App Name Head Basketball
Publisher D&D Dream
Size 399 M
Update Time 2024-01-01
Latest Version 4.2.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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That’s right, this is another super fun big-head sports game. But if that’s all, there’s nothing to say. Head Basketball MOD APK is a 1v1 big-head basketball game that whether you like it or not, you still get addicted to when playing.

Introduce about Head Basketball

1v1 big-head basketball game!

The game for you who like big-head sports games without too much stress

I’m not too fond of sports, so when I play, I just choose a light and fun sports game. But there are too many strategy games that are too heavy and have 3D images that simulate real people. To be honest, I feel very tired of it. If you are thinking the same thing and have the same taste, today I would like to introduce a quick and relaxing game, revolving around basketball.

Head Basketball is a game inspired by basketball combined with 1v1 gameplay on the fun big head style graphics that you are so familiar with. Basketball in Head Basketball is a 1vs1 style, each level is fast, super simple. So if you consider the games of the same genre, currently Head Basketball is in the top basketball games that are most loved by young people.


Head Basketball offers 43 basketball characters and 7 game modes:

  • Arcade
  • Campaign
  • Tournament
  • Head Cup
  • Survival
  • League
  • Death

You can play any game mode that you like, depending on your interests. But no matter what game mode you play, everything will be the same, except for the rounds.

Head Basketball, as I have shared from the beginning, is a mix of sports and role-playing “fight” based on the skills of a basketball player. So when playing the game, like many other role-playing games, you will be able to choose a character from one of the different countries: England, France, the US, Korea… Each character has a unique appearance that is adorable. When playing the game, you will only see 90% is the head and the remaining 10% are the feet/shoes. It is this funny shape that has made the game full of entertainment. Sometimes it makes you laugh even the game hasn’t started yet.

Each character’s ability has two levels: Ability shot and Power shot. Comes with Counter Attack, Dash, Sudden Death. Depending on the situation and the opponent, you will use different skills. The game has many levels so players can show all their skills. For example, when you are in Arabia, in addition to the usual kicks, you can use the special skill to release a snake that binds your opponent’s body, forcing them to stand still for a second so that you can freely throw the ball into the basket. Or when you choose the Korean character, you can move with an electric shield, the opponent who touches it will be electrocuted and numb, and you can take advantage to put the ball into the basket.

In the game, the interface will be divided into 2 parts, each character is a part. Whoever puts the ball in the other’s basket will score. The number of points depends on the skills and the technique of the way you putting the ball in the basket. The simple rules of the game are to find ways to get the ball into the opponent’s basket with your head. Within the time limit of each scene, whoever scores more points will win.

When you have a lot of accumulated points, you will be able to buy costumes and tools for your character, and they all affect strength when you play. Through many rounds, the map is also different, the skills of yourself and the opponent’s characters are also different. The main attraction is that the higher level you get, the stronger the opponent and you are stronger.

The control buttons will be arranged below the screen, the left part is the Left-Right movement, and the right part is the Swing and Jump buttons. Each character will have a health bar and a cooldown bar at the top of their screen. When the health bar runs out, the character will be stunned, have to stand still for a while to continue playing. If the cooldown bar is not full, you cannot use the next skill. That’s some difficulty you will get in the game, but overall, the matches are still very tense and fast.

Graphics and sound

I rate Head Basketball very well in the way of playing. But the graphics are also a highlight of the game. The excitement from it brings 30-40% for the attraction of Head Basketball. The characters with big heads are very cute and adorable, plus the movement that makes players feel very funny and relaxing.

The sound is very attractive, just like other sports games. Especially the sound from the character’s Powershots, accompanied by lighting effects and colors, there is nothing to complain about in this part.

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MOD APK version of Head Basketball

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Head Basketball MOD APK for Android

If you haven’t found a sports game full of action, speed, eye-catching and entertaining, you guys should try Head Basketball. This game is all that you need.