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Launcher OS 18 Pro APK + MOD v2.0.14 (Unlimited money)

App Name Launcher OS 18 Pro
Publisher Apps Genz
Size 26 M
Update Time 2024-07-07
Latest Version 2.0.14
MOD Info Full Version
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" Launcher OS 18 Pro is a launcher that helps you change your experience when inspired by the IOS operating system. Taking this inspiration will help users update some interesting new features that are simulated based on the advantages of IOS. At the same time, because it is a launcher, redesigning the interface and arranging different applications into groups will also be done quickly and customized by you for the easiest viewing. You should also try the integrated search feature, and you will realize that the search performance is faster than before. REMOVE ADS Launcher OS 18 Pro has a simple feature of turning the interface of an Android device into an interface as similar to an iPhone as possible. The interface that this application simulates is the interface of iPhone 15 – the latest generation of devices with many different features included. Once you apply this launcher, in just a few seconds, you will need to get used to the way the application is used because many things are clearly different, especially the control operations. Therefore, innovation is sometimes a good thing for users to spend time and express their enjoyment through usage. Bring the best experience: The application will provide a high-quality experience with full utilities. Not being bothered: Throughout the usage process, you will not encounter any images containing ads. CUSTOMIZABLE INTERFACE The latest iPhones today have a feature called Dynamic Island that will help you better operate the features running in the background. With just a glance, you can see what’s running, and you don’t need to access these apps to continue controlling it. For example, if you are listening to a song and now you want to switch to another song, you can see what level the slider is at and then move forward immediately or wait for the current song to end. Therefore, this feature is very true to the name it possesses, always flexible and convenient for users. Suitable icon pack selected: You can choose many resources to use to personalize the home screen interface. Choose from different styles: By changing the color and layout, you will change freely as it meets your needs. GESTURE CONTROLS Many things will change when using Launcher OS 18 Pro, which is the interface – the first thing that should be mentioned. In particular, the interface also has another feature: widgets. You can add widgets that you often use, and everything combined together can create surprising stability. Therefore, an convenient interface comes with a search feature to become a pair of cards. Quick access: With just a few simple steps installed, opening an application is not too difficult. Custom actions: You can add new actions to your settings to open many features more quickly. PREMIUM WALLPAPERS The search feature in Launcher OS 18 Pro is also modeled after the iOS operating system, and you will see a place to enter search keywords. This is completely understandable as they are aggregated into groups to make it convenient for users to search, and the criteria for grouping will often be similar features such as access to social networks. At the same time, a long list of groups is created, which helps you quickly search for an application to use instead of having to swipe and scroll through each option like before. High-quality images: You have unlimited access to the app’s library. Always updated with new content: New wallpapers will appear continuously after a short period of time that you can recognize. The experience of using smartphones will change: By changing to a new interface, you will definitely feel more excited. "