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Spaceflight Simulator APK + MOD v1.59.15 (Unlimited money)

App Name Spaceflight Simulator
Publisher Stefo Mai Morojna
Size 66 M
Update Time 2024-07-09
Latest Version v1.59.15
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Spaceflight Simulator APK Download


Spaceflight simulator is a simulator game in which you will need to build rockets from a scratch, launch off and leave the earth, to explore the sky. The game features a high degree of physics, so you will have to pay attention to many details like fuel, velocity, mass, weight, thrust, energy regeneration, angle and more. 

Through Hardships to the Stars


Before you launch your rocket to explore the other planets and moons of the solar system you will need to build a rocket. It is not as simple as it might seem. The creator is advanced and you will probably spend a lot of time building a rocket that can actually leave Earth’s edge of space. Many of your prototypes might not even ignite the engine or they will crumble on lunching zone due to disconnected or misconnected parts. You will have to think about the rocket’s main body. How many fuel tanks you should install, select a proper engine considering mass and thrust, pick an aerodynamic nose cone, a capsule carrying an astronaut, a heat shield and more. Except for the basic components, you will also have to consider installing additional parts, like extendable landing legs used for landing on the surface of moons and planets, docking ports that can be used to connect two and more vehicles, and solar panels that generates power when extended. But do not worry, the creator is advanced, but it is like the toy blocks you used to play with when you were a child. Just connect the components with each other and check if you can lunch off. Once you build your first successful rocket and understand the basic rules of the game, you might consider paying more attention to component mass, thrust, efficiency, fuel capacity and other details. The creator gives you unlimited possibilities to create your own dream spaceship.

To the Moon and Back


The next part of the game is to lunch off. You will need to ignite the engines and try to leave mother Earth. At this point, you need to start to pay attention to velocity, height, fuel, angle and other parameters. If you have enough fuel, strong engines, and not too much mass, then you should succeed in leaving Earth’s edge of space. Once you are in space, you can separate the boosters from the main body and fly to the moon or other celestial bodies in our solar system. The closest one, of course, is the Moon. Aim and fly through the endless space. Once you are nearby, you can consider extending your landing legs, adjusting speed and slowly landing on the surface. Do not worry, you are not trapped here. If you turn on your engine and follow the right procedure you can return home. 

Download Spaceflight Simulator APK for Android 

The moon is not the only celestial body you can visit in Space Simulator. You can try reaching the more distant planets and moons in our solar system. Try to land on Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter. The space is endless and open for you to explore. Only the bravest will discover its secrets. Download Spaceflight Simulator now!