Frequently Asked Questions


What is Apklite?

Apklite is an Android Mod App Store. You can get the latest popular 100% working games and tools mods for Android in Apklite.

What is the URL of Apklite?

Apklite's URL is

How often does Apklite update?

Apklite updates the mod version every day so that you can get the latest app experience.

Must download Apklite to install target APK?

Yes, all game mod apks are packaged in the Apklite app. You need to download Apklite first to install the target mod apk.

How many mod APKs does Apklite have?

Apklite currently has 100,000+ mods, including 30,000+ tool and 70,000+ game mod apps.

Will Apklite be safe?

Apklite is developed by a professional team, so its functions are very complete. The mods in Apklite are all released after being reviewed by the professional team, and they will not have any security risks.

Will Apklite be free?

Apklite provides multiple versions mods of games or applications for free, and you can find the version that suits you best. Apklite provides the most popular game modules, such as Minecraft, Subway Surfer, Stumble Guys etc. You don’t need to spend 1 cent on Apklite.

How to request mods in Apklite?

We have automated the application process on discord, so you can go to our discord server and request the mods you want on the #request-submit channel.

Does Apklite have IOS version?

Yes. You can experience it by visiting with your ios device. Then you can play mods on Apklite iOS through this website instead of the app.

Does Apklite have any exclusive products?

Apklite has many exclusively developed mods, like Subway Surfer All Star, Stumble Guys✖️Pokemon etc. You can experience skins and gameplay like never before in these mods. We are also working on more exclusive mods and games!